Your proficiency – our goal

We all have a different approach to learning. Efficient learning is strongly connected to use the right personal "input channels". We take in account your individuality and learning style. We use cooperative learning methods and consolidate your new knowledge with sufficient exercises (even your own). After training session we might even accompany you by focused coaching or help you to define you specific learning objectives.





MooC4Tester The ESSENCE of (agile) software testing Tester, agile teams, newcomers 3 weeks (6 to 8 h/w)

Validation of computerized systems

Terminology, methods, testing, risk management

Quality Manager, Tester, Project Manager

2 to 3 days

Methodical testing

Methods and tools of testing, the swiss army knife for testers.


2 to 3 days

Test management Strategies, risks, planning, control Project manager, tester 2 to 3 days

Test analysis and -design

From ... to  test cases and results

Tester, Project manager

8 hours

Explorative Testing

Synchroneous Test analysis, -design, -execution, session-based test management


5 hours