MooC for Software Tester

Free Online Course about the Foundations of (Agile) Testing starting soon!

Are you interested in software testing? Want to learn something new or improve your testing knowledge? Join our Open Online Course: Foundations of Agile Software Testing

This course will introduce the basics of testing in projects using an agile development approach. That is, it doesn`t harm if you have some prior experience or knowledge of software testing but it is not a prerequisite. Total beginners are also welcome!

More specifically, our 3-weeks course will provide you with information and hands-on exercises on the Foundations of Testing as well as Agile and Behavior Driven Development.

You will also gain some first practical experience in reviewing and using User Stories from a tester's perspective, writing acceptance criteria, and applying the Given-When-Then practice to specify tests by example.

In short, our training will enable you to 

·       apply testing early in the development of software using both agile and traditional project approaches,

·       describe differences between agile and traditional project approaches, and

·       explain to your project peers about advantages of applying BDD.

This course was developed in a cooperative project of the Software Validation GmbH (Switzerland), SALT University, New Dehli (India) and the University of Freiburg (Germany) as part of a master thesis in educational psychology.